Custom Physical Theraphy CFR Class

Currently CFR classes are held at our Canoga Park office, Tuesday’s at 9:30 am. Please call to schedule.

What would you want, if you could have anything?

A non-judgmental space is created for individuals to experience and objectively explore their current ways of moving, thinking, being and doing, to invite healing and growth on all levels of consciousness — physical, emotional and cognitive.

Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR) is a system that supports growth and healing by exploring novel, non-habitual movements that stimulate neuro-sequences which release compensatory holding patterns and tension from injury and repetitive stress.

Through awareness and exploration of how you move, with uniquely sequenced and strategic floor and table lessons, you can learn to release unnecessary muscular contractions, energetic blocks, and compensating motor patterns allowing for new choices in movement, belief, and behavior. This will allow you to move with efficiency and ease, freeing you from pain and unnatural movements, so you can do exactly what you want.

This restoration of ease of movement improves all aspects of life from simple functional movement to personal/professional relationships and creative endeavors.

Restoring Natural Human Movement

We start life using our body well — no one taught you to crawl, walk, or run — it is natural human movement. Physical and emotional trauma, repetitive stress, and environmental factors negatively influence the use of our bodies causing tissue breakdown, pain, and other symptoms. Restoring natural human movement requires learning to undo the conscious and unconscious compensations that developed to initially protect us at the time of trauma, but no longer serve us (neuroplasticity).

Recommended for:

  • Individuals dealing with old or new injuries, trauma or stiffness.
  • Those who want to optimize their athletic and sports performance and/or reduce risk of future injury.
  • People who want to regain the ease and joy of learning and experience complete freedom of movement. (Strong anti-aging results!)
  • Those who have focused on the spiritual without realizing that a healthy body, comfortable with itself, is a clearer channel for meditation and intuition.

Until you know what you do, you have no choice to do otherwise. Learn to heal.