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Custom Physical Therapy Orthotics

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“It’s All About the Way You Move”
Dan Wick, ATC, PTA, C. Ped #1181
(805) 573-4008

The body is an amazing movement machine, when lined up and balanced.  Properly stacking the skeleton allows you to walk more efficiently, with decreased stress to tissues. In sports, this balance helps you to run, jump, cut and twist with less risk of injury.

A truly functional custom orthotic can be an invaluable tool for any weight-bearing acitivity. Felxible, full contact devices can improve efficiency of gait from heel-strike to toe-off, creating an optimal dynamic alignment for the rest of the body.

Dan Wick is a Licensed, Certified Pedorthist, providing quality orthotics for nearly and kind of footwear at an affordable price. All patients receive a comprehensive foot and gait assessment, and orthotics are individually shaped and fit to their shoes. This creates a device unique to each individual that can be integrated into most types of closed shoes, assuring the most functional product and results.

Please consider Dan Wick as part of your team in managing your movement challenges.