Monica Lesslie, DPT, AWC, RYT-500, MFDc

Monica Lesslie

The only recognized Physical Therapist, Master Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor in the United States, Monica’s work as a healer began with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2008, cultivating a strong focus in orthopedics and sports medicine, along with chronic pain rehabilitation. As her experience deepened, she discovered the immense value that a holistic approach, combined with conscious listening and connection, holds in the potential for healing within an individual.

Devoting her life to creating a full spectrum skill set, Monica has explored the human potential around the globe through assisting in PT service projects for children with disabilities in Antigua, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, volunteering with physio’s in New Zealand, being immersed in Hindu and Buddhist culture while trekking through the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, to name a few. One of her most challenging endeavors included volunteering as the guest Doctor of Physical Therapy at Kwa Mkono Polio Hostel with 48 children near Handeni, Tanzania.

It has been her passion and curiosity for life through which Monica discovered her true, authentic self, and her purpose. She continued to expand with a life changing 500-hour Master Yoga Training in Bali, studying Ayurvedic Wellness in California and India, training in various bodywork techniques across both coasts of the U.S., being one of the first 20 PT’s to be Myofacial Decompression Certified (, and is now bridging the gap between Eastern and Western philosophies with Cortical Field Reeducation work. The latter may be one of the most important endeavors as it completes the circle of her approach to healing at the highest level. Monica is also the official Ambassador of Entrainment Yoga to the United States, where she can certify others to teach this beautifully awakening practice.

Monica endlessly pursues new ways in which to grow and enhance her experience and contribution on this earth. Through her strong teachings, she empowers others to Live Their Bliss and access their highest vitality — just as she strives to do every day.

Monica Lesslie
What our clients are saying about Monica

I am extremely active 58 year man and engage in many outdoor activities including surfing, mountain biking and snow boarding. I suffered a significant injury to my left shoulder which immediately restricted me from enjoying many of my beloved activities. Upon recommendation from a friend, I made an appointment with Monica Lesslie for physical therapy. Monica was able to quickly assess that my injury was significant and recommended I get an MRI. This turned out to be excellent advice, because the MRI indicated I had two ligaments/muscles completely torn from the bone!

Upon completion of significant rotator cuff surgery, I went back to Monica for a series of PT appointments. I found Monica extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her profession and she took the time to explain things thoroughly to me. She takes a holistic approach to mending the injury AND strengthen other muscles to prevent a recurrence of the injury. She encouraged me to push myself but never to a point of feeling uncomfortable. I actually enjoyed going to my appointments and my shoulder always felt better when I left.

During follow up visits to my doctor, he told me that my recovery was a month ahead of normal. He was very surprised at my range of motion and strength only a few months after surgery. Six months after the surgery I began doing unassisted pull ups and was able to complete multiple set at seven months. I was also able to mountain bike and began surfing after 8 months!

I would highly recommend Monica to anyone and will definitely seek her out if I ever suffer an injury again or just want my body to feel better. She is a top tier care provider who cares about her patients and gets results.

- Kirk K, Age 58

I had the good fortune to meet Monica at Custom Physical Therapy a couple of months ago to help me with lower left leg pain and weakness. It did not take her long to realize my issue.

At first it was her warm and caring personality that made me come back, but soon the physical therapy exercises and education that Monica provided were really starting to make a difference.

I’m pleased to say that yesterday was the first day in a very long time that I played tennis pain free. It was great!

I will continue to check-in with Monica as her focus on muscle balance, strength and posture will serve me well to achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle.